Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Fashion Feature - Osborn Design

I first came into contact with Osborn handcrafted shoes when I saw them on the feet of my friend Juan. They're hard not to notice. Juan's shoes were colorful and whimsical. They also looked comfortable (Juan confirmed their comfort.)

As an obsessive shoe lover, I appreciate shoes as art in any form. Each pair of Osborn shoes are most definitely art. The featured patterns are unique and intriguing. The shoes come in few forms (ballet flat, oxford and bootie), which allows the patterns to remain the king of the style, while form is more for function.

What I didn't know when I first saw Juan's shoes was that the designer, Osborn Design, is more than just your average shoe manufacturer.

Each Osborn shoe is handmade by a cobbler located in Guatemala. Everything is vertically integrated, which means each pair of shoes is sweatshop free. So when you buy a pair of Osborns, you are supporting more than just great fashion: you're supporting ethical labor standards, and the valued work of an individual artisan who is seasoned in his or her trade. Your purchase also helps to keep these seasoned artisans employed (the whole reason Osborn started in the first place was because the founder met an out of work cobbler in the hard-hit Guatemala City.)

The price of the shoes run anywhere from $60.00 to $175.00. The price is well worth it to own something one of a kind, and to know that it was ethically made.

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