Monday, November 1, 2010


Slips are a must! While wearing any unlined skirt or dress, a slip is a must. There are a wide range of expensive and affordable slips in the new retail market. I am here to alert you to the amazing range of less expensive to very affordable slips in the vintage market.

I think a great closet has many slips. You should have a few lengths, in a few colors, to cover most skirt situations completely. A great slip can help an outfit succeed almost as effectively as a great skirt or dress! A slip is the key to looking polished no matter what you are wearing.

Find two inspirations below. Happy slip shopping!!

Vintage Black Mermaid Style pleated chiffon slip

Price: $13.99

Vintage Pale Pink and Cream Lace Vanity Fair Slip Size Small

Price: $4.99

Till next time,
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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