Thursday, October 7, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Awesome Or Ugly?

Bridesmaid's Dress


Or Ugly?



  1. ugly for a bridesmaid dress....possibly awesome for another dress up event, like a fancy 80's party along with big teased hair and too much rouge.

  2. I have to say... I think this dress is pretty fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that more than one person shouldn't wear it at the same event. So no for bridesmaids.

    I was trying to figure out just what that extra oomph is (you know, obviously, aside from the gold and crinoline), and I think it's the length. It's fabulous because it goes somewhere a lot of women aren't comfortable going -- THIGHS.

    Add a few inches, and it's a perfect bridesmaid's dress. Still fabulous, but not so stunning that it needs to be limited to one body.

    Then again, if you're going for edgy and super trendy (AND if you don't have obese bridesmaids because it would be really mean to put a chubby girl in a dress that short), go for it!

    I have now comment-jacked and been absolutely no help.