Thursday, October 14, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Fall Daytime Wedding.

A good friend of mine is going to a daytime wedding in a few weeks in the city and has been wondering what to wear. As a wedding guest, it's often hard to pick an outfit that will match the fanciness-level required while also being seasonable.

I really like the dress above for this kind of event. It is not too dark for a daytime wedding but the camel colored tulle is a great fit for fall. Put on a black shrug, nude fishnets and some black heels and you are good to go.

Made By: Modcloth
Price: $134.99



  1. angel and i were just talking about how we need to find dresses for your wedding. better now than last minute. keep posting dresses for wedding guests :)

  2. cute dress! maybe i'll wear it :)

  3. fishnets come in nude?

  4. Yes, fishnets come in nude and they oomph up an outfit without making you look like a hooker. They provide just little bit of texture on your legs that you wouldn't notice across the room.