Tuesday, November 9, 2010

COMFY COQUETTE: Forever21 Sleep & Lounge

This weekend I checked out Forever21's new sleep and lounge collection, and like the rest of Forever21, it rocks! The quality is pretty good - PJ pants and boxer shorts are a soft, substantial flannel - and the patterns are contemporary and cute. They even have more adult numbers: rompers, baby dolls and a chemise or two. Or three. Here are some of my in-store faves:

Cotton PJ Set
Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this PJ set is a holiday gift-giving s
taple. It's certain to fit well too, unlike some of those department store PJ sets that are a little too... drab and baggy. I'm a fan.

Price: $14.80

Plaid Babydoll with Lace Trim
There is something about plaid lingerie that is so cute and unexpect
ed, and this top is one of those pieces. The material is a thin cotton (versus flannel, which is the only addition that would have made this even cuter), but the drape
and flounce is really flattering. I love how you could pair this with gray or black boyshorts as well for a laid back, sexy style.

Price: $14.80

Snowflake Slipper Socks
These slipper socks will keep you warm and toasty all season long - available in traditional black/cream, or fun grey/pink.

Price: $10.80

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