Monday, April 18, 2011

GUYS BUYS: It's Spring. Time to Dress the Part.

By LisaIt is difficult to find a tie that is the right fabric to go with your casual-yet-chic outfit. A silk tie may be too shiny for your brunch this weekend or your seder this evening. But! This tie is perfect. A spring-hued linen tie is awesome at any price, and at well under a hundred bucks, this one is a must.

Made by: Polo Ralph Lauren

Price: $85


  1. I've never strayed from silk - even in springtime - and I find the idea of a linen tie intriguing. Also the other three colors this tie comes in (yellow, pink, blue) are great for spring too.

    But I still don't understand why ties cost this much. This tie isn't particularly expensive - the problem is that most ties are way overpriced. I've yet to see a good explanation why the $100 tie at the department store is better than the $2 one I got in Vietnam or the $10 one I got at Marshalls...

  2. Rajiv, I agree. I broke down and bought three Brooks brothers ties for $99, the most I've ever spent on ties. Do you know what happened? The first day, I slopped a little grease on the tie. No problem, I thought. I'll get it out right away. I tried and I tried, nothing. I even took it to the dry cleaners, and they couldn't get it out. If expensive ties mean that they're ruined at the first spill, then they're not for me. I'll stick to the $10 ties that not only look as good, but are more durable under the normal stresses of life.

  3. I buy all of my boyfriend's ties at Century 21. They are all discounted like crazy! Top names, very current styles (recently bought a yellow/ducks Vineyard Vines tie, a very very light lavendar woven Hugo Boss dress tie, and a dark silk skinny Calvin Klein tie. All three cost me about $50, with the CK at a steal, $9.99!

  4. Some more non-silk ties! On sale at Gap this week for $25.08 each.