Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking Like You Didn't Care, Even Though You Did

By Jax

One of my favorite ways to dress is to look like I didn't care at all, but to still be completely put together.  I most closely associate this particular style of dress with LA.  When my best friend moved out there a few years ago, I remember I dressed up to go out, and she instead put on a white t-shirt (one that was actually dirty, if I recall!)  To my surprise, when I arrived, everyone else was also dressed down/looking like they hadn't cared at all!

While I think that particular style in LA of one-upping each other on looking like crap has faded, the idea of looking great without trying will never fade.  So go ahead, work at looking like you didn't work at all.

Made By: Evil Twin

Found On: Nasty Gal

Price: $61.60 (originally $88.00)


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