Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Skeleton Key To My Heart

By Jax

Readers of this blog are no stranger to my obsessive love of skeleton keys.  When they are incorporated in jewelry in unique ways, I start dreaming about these pieces.  I create outfits around them even though I don't actually own them yet!

You can imagine my excitement and joy when I saw this necklace on someone, only to find out that the designer is none other than my extremely fashionable friend, Karen Ko!  Karen left her previously career to be a jewelry designer, and one look at her website lets you know she made the absolutely right choice!  Karen's also a good person, and so while this necklace is on the high-end of prices for jewelry, it's so perfect I could not resist featuring it.  This is definitely worth the money.

Made By: k2Oo by Karen Ko

Price: $100


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