Friday, October 1, 2010

HALF OFF HOTTIE: Half off and Right Off The Runway!

This week, I attended the Zang Toi fashion show at Pittsburgh’s first ever Fashion Week. I volunteered for the event and got to help out at the model call, and later in the fashion show, where I got to hang out back stage with the designer and Fashion Week staff and volunteers.

Zang Toi is a New York based Malaysian designer. He’s extremely talented and his clothes were absolutely stunning. He was also incredibly warm and grounded, as were his people.

For this week’s “Half Off” post, I wanted to spotlight one of Zang Toi’s Spring 2011 looks that I totally loved, a flower-detail pink cardigan with a full pleated white skirt.

It's a simple, colorful, spring look that can be easily put together with these affordable alternatives:

Old Navy, Women's Beaded Rosette Cardigan, $20.00 (On Sale!)


Tara Jarmon, White Pleated Skirt, $128.00


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