Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SPORTY SPECIAL: Late Summer's Eve

You've biked, you've canoed, you've leaped over tall buildings in a single bound. You've had a rough day. Now it's time to kick back by the campfire (which you've also prepared) and rejuvenate before you start all over again tomorrow. Enter the Morning Glory dress. This dress screams "yeah, I tackled a 5.8 climb this morning, but this evening it's all about me and my pale ale and the summer's night." The dirty day gear peels off, and the flirty night attire slips on. The jersey knit resists wrinkle factor, and the back tie means you can adjust the fit of the empire waist to suit your figure perfectly. This dress was born to accompany you on travels both short and long. I'm a fan of the Northern Light Blue.

Made By: Patagonia

Price: $32.50 (originally $65.00.)

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