Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage Vixen: Rhinestone Brooches

Happy Holiday Season! Somehow November seems to be the start of all the festivities. Which means... festive dressing! One of my favorite items of my winter festive wardrobe: A rhinestone brooch. I love vintage rhinestone brooches! They can easily add sparkle to a simple blouse or dress, and I suggest using a brooch for an accent on a scarf, too! They are really very affordable, and so much fun! I keep mine with my jewelry and always look for an excuse to wear one! Check out a few options below. Buy one now and sparkle all season!


Price: $22.00

Large Vintage Rhinestone Flower Brooch with Marquis Rhinestones

Price: $25.00

Rhinestone Bow

Price: $16.99

Sparkling Rhinestone Bow Brooch

Price: $10.00

Below are 4 brooches from my personal collection. I love the one on the top the most and wear it most often. I like having a few sizes to choose from.

Happy Hunting!
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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