Friday, April 1, 2011

COSMETICS CUTIE: The Precision You've Been Looking For

By Jen

If you’re anything like me, a gift for the liquid line is hard to come by. I’ve always wanted to rock the cat eye, but with an unsteady hand, it was just not a possibility. In my effort to conquer this application, I went on a quest and after some hits and misses found an exact formula that worked for me. At the cornerstone of my ability to fake a liquid line is one of the best angled eyeliner brushes I have ever used, the I.T. Slanted Eyeliner Brush from Sephora Collection.

This brush has stiff bristles, but also some give, making sure the brush doesn't irritate your lid or crumble under the pressure of gel eyeliner or cream/solid shadow. Plus, it goes on smooth so you can fool anyone into thinking you’re a master with liquid eyeliner. As an added bonus, it has a cap so the bristles don’t bend out of shape if the brush gets lost in the bottom of your make-up bag.

If you thought the cat eye wasn’t for you, invest in this brush and you’ll be wearing this trend with the best of them!

Made by: Sephora Collection

Found at: Sephora

Price: $18

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