Tuesday, April 12, 2011

50 Dresses For Ruche

By Jax

This is a very exciting posting for me...because I (and you!) know the designer!

The dress above was designed by Tess Vigil, the creator of 50 Dresses (www.50dresses.com), also known as the Vintage Vixen!

Tess has been making fabulous dresses out of her house, and Ruche recently decided to sell them (YAY!)

This is my favorite of the three 50 Dresses options on Ruche (you can see them all here.)  It's a great option for ladies who don't want to show off too much leg.  It has a definitive Mad Men era shape, a sexy curve hugging dress.  Also, the adjustable tie straps mean that there is less room for error in terms of sizing.

Congrats Tess!

Made By: 50 Dresses

Found On: Ruche

Price: $87.99


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