Monday, April 11, 2011

Everyday Styling

By Jax

This weekend, I woke up on Sunday exhausted.  After a night of dancing, I was in desperate need of coffee!  I knew I needed to get dressed, and I immediately reached for my most favorite jeans.  Are they the most stylish jeans ever at this moment?  Nope, no they're not.  They're a slim-straight jean made by 7 For All Mankind that I bought years ago, and now look like a boot cut because the bottoms are so worn.  It's OK to throw on your favorite jeans, even if they're not the "in" style of the moment.  I also think this outfit is in the style of "boho chic", and skinny jeans just don't work with that style.

I also love that felt floppy hat, and I've been dying to wear it.  A day with no makeup and that "I haven't had my coffee" look is the perfect time to hide behind a hat.

The shoes are vintage from the 1960s, and the jacket was purchased second hand at Beacon's Closet!  The details on each part of the outfit are below.


Made By: A.L.C.
Found At: Barneys COOP
Price: $88.00

Made By: Marc Jacobs
Price: $24.99 (Used)
Purchased At Beacon's Closet

An alternative new blazer is below:

Made By: Eddie Bauer
Price: $44.99 (originally $149.00)


Made By: Urban Outfitters
(I couldn't find the bag in black, which I bought for $9.99.  This was very close
Price: $29.99 (originally $38.00)

Made By: Callalai
Price: $38.00

Price: $14.99

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