Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A writer for the blog Gawker recently came out strongly against flip flops.  What do you think?  Yay or Nay on flops?

Check out the article here: It's Official: Flip Flops Are Evil


  1. I love flip flops. ONE MILLION YAYS!

  2. Ha! I think that he's taking a bit too far with his detest of flip flops. Flip flops are a convenient and fun summer shoe. I admit that I relied on them too much in college. I even wore them in the rain. But now that I'm older a wear them once in awhile - a quick trip to the grocery store, a picnic in the park, a sunny day stroll. Just like having a Big Mac once in awhile won't lead to a heart attack, wearing flip flops every once in awhile will not lead to a broken hip.

    As I've gotten older, I have strayed away from the bright Old Navy flip flop into better plastic flip flops, leather thongs or sandals. But I think that the cheap plastic ones are fun and as harmless as the occasional 500 calories Starbuck's muffin.

  3. Ditto Kristen...
    In college I practically lived in flip flops (one of the benefits of going to school in the South). As I've gotten older though, I have fewer opportunities to wear them. As a working professional, I can't wear them to work except on the weekends and during summertime commutes. Also, you have to accept that it's kind of gross to tramp around NYC in flip flops. You pick up all kinds of dirt, germs, and other unidentifiable NYC filth. And my last reason for weaning myself off flip flops is that they provide absolutely no support for my feet.

    So they're great for a quick trip to the grocery store or nail salon, but I'm no longer living in them.

  4. flip flops are a functional shoe. try getting a pedicure and wearing closed-toe shoes home!

    but I agree with you ladies above that flip flops should be worn in public the way gym clothes or sweats should -- as an occasional convenience or comfort, not as a wardrobe staple.

    cheers --