Monday, January 4, 2010, I love you!

I haven't seen a good deal on a handbag I have liked online in the past two weeks. It's weird. I LOVE handbags. Yet recently, I've been super picky, and I have no idea why.

Today, all that changed when I saw this delightful Cole Haan copper bag!

Let me talk about my issue with Cole Haan. They went through a crazy shoe and bag transformation where they upped the prices on their handbags, but also upped the style. However, I don't think the bags are worth as much as they are charging. Sorry, Cole Haan, but you have to prove yourself to me a bit before I go and spend $500.00 on a bag!

Now that this bag is on sale, I think this is a good price for good style and good quality. If only all of the Cole Haan bags were prices correctly.

Don't forget: Copper goes with EVERYTHING! (except silver!)

Made By: Cole Haan

Found On:

Price: $249.99 (down from $495.00)

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