Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keyhole Cuteness

Sometimes, Macy's has amazing sales. This dressy tank is a prime example of a good Macy's bargain.

There is absolutely no way you would see this shirt in the BCBG store for this price. Macy's will go where BCBG will not!

Now, let's discuss why this shirt is awesome:

1. Ruffles that won't make you look fat! If you just have ruffles everywhere, you can look pregnant all too quickly. Here, there is a slight pull in the middle, or at the very least a differentiation between the ruffles right at the waist to prevent that "expecting" look.

2. The keyhole! The fashionable way of saying "I have awesome breasts" without wearing a low-cut shirt. I'm all for showing your girls in a low-cut v-neck, but sometimes you want to leave a little imagination to it! For those situations, the keyhole is the perfect fashion element.

3. It's purple! Need I say more?

Made By: BCBG

found On:

Price: $47.20 (originally $118.00)

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