Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Gateway To Fashion

Betsey Johnson was my gateway to fashion.

Her store came to Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island oh so many years ago, and I wandered in. I found a black dress that I loved! It was a silky baby doll dress with thin straps (very "in" for 1999). My mother looked at the price tag and said "you have to be kidding." And I said I wasn't! I knew then I was hooked.

Eventually, she broke down and bought me the dress (on sale, we compromised!), and I wore it for years and years. It always made be look spectacular. Just a simple black dress, but it was so much more to me. My first designer dress.

The dress I have featured here is everything I love about Betsey Johnson. Classic styles with an edgy, modern take. This dress is houndstooth, a classic pattern, but Betsey Johnson can't just make a houndstooth dress, so it's blue houndstooth. She is also a master of showing off the best parts of ladies and hiding the worst. Look at that middle cinching, and the fluttery cap sleeves! Hiding the bad, showing off the good!

Made By: Betsey Johnson

Price: 250.60 (originally $328.00)

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