Friday, January 8, 2010

How Studly

Let's all be thankful for the Forever21 earring combo sets.

All of these earrings cost $3.80. ALL OF THEM! TOGETHER! ONLY $3.80!

You will probably lose them all, or they will break, within the year. But that's the point. They are not supposed to last anyway! Here, the value is variety. If you bought this set, you would be ready for anything!

Need jewelry for work? BAM! The pearls!

Going to a gala and need something to match your black and white Nicole Miller? BAM! The sparkly black studs!

Heading to Pure in Vegas? Look no further because you can wear the fake diamonds!

This set of earrings officially means you have zero excuse for not wearing accessories.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $3.80

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