Friday, January 29, 2010

Sergio Rossi Makes The Most Comfortable Shoes. Period.

I am well aware that $314.90 for a pair of shoes may not seem like a "deal," However, when they are made by Sergio Rossi, and were originally $795.00, it is absolutely, 100% the most awesome deal ever.

I go to Vegas a lot because I love to play poker and dance. I wear my Sergio Rossi jeweled sandals that I got on a CRAZY sale at DSW. It's like walking on air. Four hours later and I still don't have foot pain. Do you know why I don't have pain after hours upon hours of dancing? It's because Sergio Rossi knows how to make shoes that don't kill your feet! They are designed perfectly. What you get when you spend so much money on shoes is a completely different footwear experience. In my opinion, spending this money for comfort is totally worth it.

Also, you probably can't see it from the photo, but there is a snakeskin-esque embossed pattern on the shoe that makes it spiffier than your average sling-back Mary Jane. I really REALLY love this shoe, and it will go with anything!

Made By: Sergio Rossi

Found At: Nordstroms

Price: $314.90 (originally $795.00)

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