Monday, January 11, 2010

Fashion Field Trip: Urban Outfitters

I have so many knee high boots and pairs of jeans, and a ton of dresses, but not enough cute shirts. So on Saturday I put on my hat and gloves and traipsed through the cold in search of a new shirt!

There were only a few of these shirts on the rack, and they were mixed in with a bunch of other less cute shirts. I'm not usually an XS but I liked it so much I figured I would give it a try. Well, the fit is wonderful! But it does run big, so I would go a size down than your normal size. The sleeves make my arms look like sticks! The stripes are horizontal, which is usually a no-no, but since the stripes are so small, it won't make you look bigger than you are. I love the cute collar, which could have gone a bit too "school-girly," but because the shirt hugs the my torso in all the right places, the collar will look different once you are actually wearing the shirt than it does on the hanger.

Cute shirt found! Mission Accomplished!

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