Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hang In There

Sometimes I try the "hang" dresses on (you know, those dresses that just "hang" on you), and I look spectacular! And sometimes I look like I'm wearing an oversized silk potato sack.

I can't tell you that this dress will be a great fit on you, or will make any one part of your body look better than it usually does. What I can tell you is that this dress is a beautiful design in a truly stunning color. That blue! That mesmerizing deep sea blue. The collar embellishment is a nice pairing with the dress. It's an interesting juxtaposition of modern deconstruction with early sixties design embellishment.

I say: if you think you might like this, go for it. It's a good price, and you should keep in mind that the trick to this dress might be a waist creating belt.

Made By: Gryphone

Found At: Anthropologie

Price: $99.95 (down from $188.00)

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