Friday, January 8, 2010

The Evolution Of Bedazzling

I rarely post shoes that are on sale online, but only have one or two sizes left. Chances are you are not a 6 or an 11, but I love this ballet flat SO much that I could not resist!

I love it when gold shoes are a subdued gold, and not that Vegas style hit-you-in-the-face gold. It's Banana Republic, so you know it's going to be a little more professional, but this is pretty fashion forward for them, and so I'm excited to see this kind of shoe front and center.

I like the trend of jewels on shoes, but sometimes the jewels don't match the color of the shoe, or they are not arranged in the right pattern, or they're just plain ugly. Whoever is making them should know that placing the jewels on the shoes is not an exercise in advanced bedazzling, and that there is an art to jewel placement.

Made By: Banana Republic

Price: $69.99

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