Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GUYS BUYS: The Gentleman In The Velvet Blazer

A lot of guys probably see a Velvet Blazer and say "nah, that's not for me."

Well you are WRONG! It is for you! You just have to make sure you are buying the *right* velvet blazer.

To be safe, here are some rules:
1. Stay away from any velvet that is not brown or black. I don't know why, but velvet blazers in other colors just won't make you look as good as a dark brown or black velvet blazer will.

2. No weird designs or embellishments. I.e., don't pick up a velvet pinstripe blazer.

3. Wear a collared button down shirt underneath it that has a pattern. If you wear a solid, you will scream "HELLO! MY NAME IS ____ AND I'M WEARING A VELVET BLAZER!" And the whole point of this is for no one to even notice that your blazer is velvet. Stick with gingham or a thin pinstripe.

4. Say to yourself "if this blazer wasn't velvet, would I buy it?"

You don't have to follow these rules. This is just a jumping off point for those boys who are a bit hesitant to enter the world of velvet. If you do it right, more than one lady will notice, and who doesn't like to get noticed by some stylish ladies?

Made By: Banana Republic

Price: $99.99 (originally $250.00)

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