Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Designer Alert - A.L.C.

By Jax

I think I'm officially obsessed with A.L.C....

I know, you may be thinking "Jax, have you lost your mind?  $100 for a tank top?"

Yeah, it's expensive, but their stuff fits SO WELL.  And it's SO COMFORTABLE!  And it will hold up to multiple washings!

This is also a time to chat about your philosophical approach to your wardrobe.  Rarely can any one person choose quality AND quantity.  If you're in the quantity camp, I know you are going to choose the Forever 21 striped tanks over this one.  But if you're in the quality camp, you're going to pick a few great items and spend the money on those.  So quality campers, this tank is for you!

Made By: Barneys

Price: $99.00 (originally $168.00)


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