Friday, February 12, 2010

BUDGET BELLE: The Eyes Have It

Make-up should be about enhancing your natural beauty, not lacquering up your face so much that you end up looking like Lady Gaga. (Sorry Gaga, love the album!) The best way to enhance your natural beauty? Pick one feature and emphasize it. That's right, folks - only one feature.

Since writing about how to best emphasize each one of your features is far too much for one simple post, I'm going to make this the first in a series. Part 1 - Eyes.

My eyes are my favorite feature to emphasize. I've already told you about my favorite mascara (and it's less than $10 - such a steal!). Now, onto the must-have item, should you decide to use any kind of eyeshadow - Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

This is a cult classic for a reason. I love using different eyeshadows to bring out my eyes, but I hate the creasing and eventual fading that used to come along with it. Since I've started using the Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I've only seen vivid, long-lasting color without any of those ugly creases.

The potion has the texture of a liquid concealor with a similar felt applicator. Just place a small dab of the cream over each eyelid and smooth it until it blends in. Next, apply your eye make-up as you normally would. The cream acts as a primer, keeping your make-up on your lids, not creased up and looking like you've been on a beer pong bender.

I personally like Urban Decay's Primer Potion in "Sin," a champagne-colored version that gives a little shimmer tint of color. However, the original color-less version works just as well. Both sell for $18 - I know it may seem like a bit much to spend, but this is the kind of product you'll want to carry in your everyday make-up bag. When you think about how much use you can get out of it, it's a pretty good deal.

Now, you can make your peepers pop - and stay that way. Start batting those lashes - let the games begin!

P.S. Wondering what eyeshadow to wear with that dress? Whether that foundation is really worth the pricetag? Feel free to email me your beauty questions at

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