Monday, February 22, 2010

FASHION FAQ: Textured Tights

Dear Fashion Deal Diva,

Last week you talked about wearing bright colored tights. I want to know how to wear textured and patterned tights. I love wearing skirts with boots but I have no idea what to wear on top when I have crazy tights on the bottom.

- Lost In The Pattern

Dear Lost In The Pattern,

The big difference between how to wear a colored tight and how to wear a textured tight is that with a colored tight, you want to downplay its role in your outfit, whereas with a textured tight, you need to make it the star. Why is this so? Well, let me put it in terms of the cast of a Broadway show.

A colored tight is like a featured chorus dancer. She's maybe not the best singer or actress, but when you put her around a bunch of equally talented performers, their strength comes from their work as a group. However, a textured tight is like Liza Minelli. You can't put Liza Minelli in the chorus! She'll overpower everybody. Once you know she's involved, you need to plan the show around her. Everyone should be doing everything to make Liza look better.

Moving forward with this analogy, textured tights are Liza Minelli. You must pair the textured tights with things to make them look better and make them the star. If you have a black textured tight with a crazy pattern (diamonds, lace, flowers, etc.), it should be paired with all black, end of sentence. It cannot, and should not, battle with any sort of color. So it's up to you to put that textured tight with a black mini dress and some killer black pumps or knee high boots.

Also, this should go without saying, but if your figure is a bit fuller than the average lady, then you MUST avoid any sort of textured tight with a stripe. It will only make your legs look bad. You know your body, and the most important part of style is dressing that body accordingly!

What about a colored textured tight?, you have to follow the rules for colored AND textured tights. You generally should stay away from clothes that have a lot of detailing. My favorite textured tights are a pair of mustard colored lace flower tights from Urban Outfitters. I wear them with a mustard colored velvet mini skirt from Steven Alan, a sheer ivory long-sleeved blouse, pearls, and brown knee high boots. In this way, you are not seeing too much of the tight, so we are following the color rules, but the tights are still the star (nothing else in the outfit is overly exciting or jazzy so the tights are front and center!)

If any of you ever have questions about textured tights, feel free to send me photos of the tights and a potential outfit, and I will provide advice, free of charge!

The Fashion Deal Diva

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