Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FASHION FAQ: The Change Of Seasons

Dear Fashion Deal Diva

I bought one of the dresses you recommended (yay!) I love it and I want to wear it tonight, but I am worried it might be a bit too"spring-y" for February. What do you think?

- Color Me Weather Appropriate

Dear Color Me Weather Appropriate,

I know you love the dress, and I'm sorry to say this, is too early to wear this dress.

Why? is where my answer gets a bit....murky.

Look at the dress. It FEELS springy, doesn't it? Even though there is that dark blue, and even the black belt, there is a lot of white space on the dress, and that yellow is awful bright for winter fare. Chances are, if you feel like it's not yet the time to wear a particular outfit, then it's not time to wear this particular outfit. The most problems are caused with this between February and May. By June it's summer no problem. What color can you wear to a spring wedding? What about Easter/Passover dresses?

I will not lie to you and say this is easy. My general rule is clothing that has fewer spring elements, like this dress, can be worn once the calendar says March 1st. As for everything else, it's going to be totally weather dependent. Use common sense! Would you wear a pink pastel dress on a 55 degree April day? Would you wear a wool sweater on a 75 degree March morning? Probably not.

So keep those fashion thinking caps handy ladies! (And make sure they are in season, too).

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