Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Forever21 calls this a "Hydrangea Elastic."

Let's call it what it REALLY is.... A SCRUNCHIE!

I know, a dirty word, an accessory that strikes fear in the heart of every fashionista. It's a time none of us want to go back to...wearing six different scrunchies, a neon rainbow, all while sporting a side ponytail...what on earth were we thinking?!?! (Ok I was six at the time but still, I was copying icons who were older!)

This "elastic" is ok in my book because it's not REALLY a scrunchie. You just have to be careful how you wear it. Don't put it on a straight-up pony tail. Instead, wear it around a bun. Or make a loose side ponytail that hangs on your shoulder. Or make two small braids on the side of your head and connect them with the elastic.

Let's bring the scrunchie into 2010, styled! Chic! Updated!!!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $2.80


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  1. i think you may still be ahead of yourself on this fashion faux pas...remember, in SATC, Carrie's big criticism of Berger's book was that his leading lady wore a scrunchy throughout the entire book...if Carrie says no, I don't think it should ever make a comeback.