Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CONTEST: Deal of the Day!

Hello Fashionistas!

I am announcing this week's Deal Of The Day Contest! What is this contest, you ask???

Once a week, I will give you a deal challenge. I will ask you to find the best deal on a particular item (i.e. a pair of red pumps, a pink cotton day dress, etc.) Submissions will be due by 11:00 pm PST on Wednesday night.

I will judge the winning submission on four criteria:
1. Style: Is it awesome?
2. Accomplishment: Does it successfully complete the challenge?
3. Price: Obviously, it has to be a deal, ladies!
4. Designer: I will value more those deals that come from better designers (but this is definitely not the key factor).

The winner of the challenge will get a different item of jewelry every week! This week's jewelry will be provided by Tulip Gifts!

Now that we have the ground rules down, on to the challenge!

This weeks challenge is....


Send submissios to fashiondealdiva@gmail.com by 11:00 PST on Wednesday, February 24th! The winner will be announced on the blog and your find will also be featured!


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