Thursday, February 11, 2010

FASHION Q&A: Winter Wear Woes

Dear Fashion Deal Diva:

In light of the current blizzard in the Northeast. Any good suggestions for fashionable office wear in snowy weather? More importantly, how can one easily transition from "make it to work safely without slipping & falling, getting soaking wet, or damaging my nice clothes" to "stylish comfortable and ready to rock at work." Suggestions?

- Cold Weather Cutie

Dear Cold Weather Cutie,

This is a tough question to answer! I mean, it's easy to wear all your winter gear into the office, and then keep your stylish garb there, ready to change into after you brave the elements. However, that is often unrealistic for the fashionista who works in a cubicle or a bullpen-style office.

My first piece of advice is to stay away from pants, and invest in a warm pair of tights. Nothing good will come from pants in cold weather travel. They will either get wrinkled as they remain tucked into your boots, or will have a date with the snow that you definitely want to skip.

But won't you be cold in a skirt or dress? Nope! You need knee high snow boots and some wool tights.

Second, you need a waterproof coat that is cute! This is tough to find. I am a big advocate of avoiding black coats, but I say in a blizzard, go for it! It's a different game here. The quickest, easiest way to be stylish in the cold is to wear a black knee length waterproof coat. While the example coat is a bit expensive, you are paying for the warm quality that is the North Face, so I think it's a situation where the money should be spent. Example

Third, bring a pair of stylish ballet flats to change into. This way, you can put the shoes in your bag easily for transit.

While the elements may be daunting, a fashionista's style can survive any snow storm.


  1. The example coat is an especially good one because it has a belt, so you can still have a waist while staying warm instead of being in a straight up-and-down coat that makes you indistinguishable from a dude.

  2. Yes, everyone looks a little bit homeless in the winter if you aren't careful! I use all of these tips already (especially coat with belt, that is essential) but my problem is having a matchinig hat/scarf/gloves set because I always lose one and end up throwing 3 different patterns together. Any good finds for cute sets woudl be much appreciated!

  3. A cheap alternative: London Fog's petite double-breasted trench, in black or dark red, for $63. Has a liner so you can wear it in spring and fall as well as winter.

  4. I would be careful with that "alternative," because the key here was warmth, and that London Fog coat, while stylish and cute, is made of polyester and is definitely not going to keep you as warm as the North Face would!