Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FASHION FAQ: Pink Tights

Dear Fashion Deal Diva,

I recently purchased pink tights from Target. I love the color and I was so excited to buy a bright colored tight, but now I can't figure out how to wear them, or what to wear them with. Any ideas?

- Magenta Dilemma

Dear Magenta Dilemma,

I applaud you for your desire to wear bright colored tights! I also understand how hard it is to wear them. Sometimes it can look like too much of a contrast to just wear black with the pink tights (which in many respects is the easy way out).

I think that you should try pairing them with a dark denim skirt, or a dark denim dress. Jeans go with everything...even your pink tights! If you are still nervous about getting out there with the pink tights, wear the denim skirt AND a knee high boot. This way, only a tiny bit of the pink tights will be showing, and you'll become adjusted to being bright on the legs!

Xo, The Fashion Deal Diva

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