Friday, February 12, 2010

FASHION Q&A: The Ambiguous Festive Attire

Dear Fashion Deal Diva:

I'm going to a benefit for my high school and the dress is "festive" attire. I definitely don't want to spend a lot on a dress (or look overdressed), but also want to look presentable and fashionable. I have silver and black shoes. Any suggestions?

- Festive, Not Flashy

Dear Festive, Not Flashy,

Festive attire is perhaps the most elusive of all dress codes. When I think of festive attire, I think about what I would wear out to a dinner at the hottest restaurant in Manhattan, to be followed by drinks at the hottest hotel bar south of 14th street. You want to look cute and adequately "dressy" without looking overdressed. It's a tough line to follow!

There are two ways you can play it, both of which will be completely appropriate:

1. A black dress with an accent piece. It can't be a black dress with embellishment (like a bow, or sequins). It has to be a black dress with some other accessory. Maybe a black rosette hair clip, or a ruby necklace, or a feather headband. Something that pops! Something festive! This way, your plain black dress says not too dressy, while your accent piece says festive!

2. A colorful dress that doesn't have any "dressy" aspects. What do I mean by "dressy aspects"? Sequins, giant bows, tulle, a puffy skirt, lace...are you getting my drift? Then pair it with a killer bag and shoes! Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

One more note on this subject. This is a broad guideline. When it comes right down to it, wear what makes you happy, comfortable and HOT! You know what is too dressy for festive...just make sure you don't cross that line and you'll be fine!

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