Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color Block, Style Lock

This is a perfect boardroom-to-bar dress. It's totally work appropriate, but still INSANELY sexy! And I can totally get why you would not want to look sexy at work. But on the off chance you are going for that look, I could not recommend a better dress.

Now let's take a moment to assess where this dress is from. Yep, J.C. Penney. I am as shocked as you. A friend recently told me that JC Penney has some really great, affordable stuff. She was 100% correct! Do they still have a lot of crap? Absolutely. Are they working to exorcise that crap from their collection? Yes, they are working hard!

I think that if this dress is missing anything, it's a black patent leather belt, so don't be afraid to throw that on!

Made By: JC Penney

Price: $49.00 (originally $70.00)

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