Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello my fashionistas. I am going to be starting a new segment called "FASHION FAQ" where I will answer your questions about fashion!

It can be anything you want. Send me photos of a dress that needs shoes! Have a question about the best way to wear textured tights? Send it on over! It's a blank slate ladies and gentlemen, and I am more than happy to answer your questions!

Also, if you have a beauty/makeup question, Budget Belle Stef will be happy to answer those questions as well!

Please send your questions to I look forward to seeing your questions!

Fashion Deal Diva


  1. A good fasion question for today: In light of the current blizzard in the Northeast. Any good suggestions for fashionable office wear in snowy weather?

    More importantly, how can one easily transition from "make it to work safely without slipping & falling, getting soaking wet, or damaging my nice clothes" to "stylish comfortable and ready to rock at work." Suggestions?

  2. Tall boots for short people; do they exist? Not ankle, not mid-calf...a boot that will be below the knee, if your knees are like 4-6 inches closer to the ground than most women's knees.

  3. Where to find a dress or top that exposes part of the back, yet still allows you to wear a regular bra? It seems like anything that shows back is always a halter top or cut so far down that it exposes your bra (and sometimes the top of your underwear as well). Suggestions?