Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ulterior Party Dress Motives

The hardest parties to dress up for are the ones where people are going to dress up but pretend like they didn't care about dressing up and weren't actually trying.


What girl doesn't obsess about her outfit before going to a party? I know I do! A true fashionista assesses what style is appropriate for where she is going and dresses accordingly. Maybe a dive bar or a giant hipster house party isn't the time for your new black BCBG dress (you see what I am saying????)

Just because you can't be too dressed up doesn't mean you can't be fiercely stylish! For those occasions, i recommend a shirt like the one featured above. It's a muted color so you're not standing out or anything, but the silk panels add that slight differentiation to the shirt that brings it from "blah" to "bam!" This shirt also looks like it will hug in the right places, as oppose to a crappy used t-shirt, which often just...hangs.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $15.80


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