Friday, February 5, 2010

Cap It Off

Before I begin, a word on me and hats:

I look horrible in hats. I have bangs so it's just oil and water on my head. I become a big hot hat mess. Also I think my head is misshaped, hats never seem to fit. Oh my I'm on a tangent...moving on!

My best friend loves hats. She's constantly wearing them. She lives in San Francisco. I get it, it's windy there. Also, she ocassionally straightens her hair, and she does not want her hard work messed up. I get that, too. That is where a hat makes sense! She also has no bangs, another plus.

This hat is also for people in: Chicago! Milwaukee! Some very windy portions of D.C.! Toronto! (I was super excited to find out I had Canadian blog readers the other day, AWESOME!)

The hat comes in gray and black, and I support the purchase of either color, but with the black, you couldn't see the details of the hat.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $9.80


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