Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Purple Crocodile Anything

My love for purple crocodile knows no bounds.

I remember it vividly. I was thirteen, in Macy's with my mother. I saw the most beautiful lavendar crocodile wallet. I begged my mom to buy it, but she aptly pointed out "oh please, you want that right now, but in a week you won't want that purple crocodile wallet." A week went by, and I still wanted it! We returned to Macy's....ALAS! The wallet had disappeared. Completely gone. No sales people could even remember it's existence!

It would not be until college where I would again see that same wallet (in Century 21!) But on the way to finding the same wallet, I realized...I love purple crocodile!

So here's the thing ladies: anything I run across that is purple crocodile, I guarantee you, will be put on this blog :p

Made By: Bandolino

Price: $29.99

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