Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have wrestled with my opinion on "jeggings" (the hybrid of jeans and leggings), and I have officially come to a conclusion. I like them, BUT (and this is a big "but"), you have to wear them as you would wear leggings. You wouldn't wear a shirt that falls at your waist with leggings, would you? Same would go for jeggings. Think tunics, sweater dresses, shirt dresses, all of those things you wore with leggings now can be worn with jeggings!

Levis is running a sale on their jeggings. I think people don't know what to make of jeggings, and so are confused, and then not buying them. Capitalize on their indecisions, then hit the town in your jeggings :p

Made By: Levis

Price: $35.00 (originally $42.00)

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