Friday, December 18, 2009

Alexander McQueen!

Before you become too attached to this bag, you should know that it's Alexander McQueen, and it's still $289.00.

But it's on sale from it's original price tag of $627.00!

Maybe Zappos stole a box of Alexander McQueen clutches. That's the only logical conclusion as to how they could get this kind of price tag for this bag.

I like the red leather floral pattern. I have a Chanel quilted leather wallet with a floral pattern and I love it so! This is like a more durable, flashier version, of a floral leather wallet.

I've never seen Alexander McQueen so affordable. I would say buy it before Zappos realizes the error.

Made By: Alexander McQueen

Found On:

Price: $289.00 (down from $627.00)

1 comment:

  1. Holy hell that looks fly. A big hunk of metal makes you look like a million bucks. And it's red!