Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweateriffic Dress

Hey! Ho! Let's Go...jump on the sweater dress bandwagon!

Sweater dresses are EVERYWHERE! The tough part is finding one that has a good fit and the right look for your body. As a general rule, the sweater dresses that tend to look good on most people have a turtle neck. I like this particular sweater dress because of the vertical detailing that runs right down the center of the dress. Remember, horizontal detailing is bad for minimizing the parts we don't like, but a vertical detail is always welcome!

Occasionally I will say in a post that I think you should buy/wear an item of clothing only if you follow a few rules. are the RULES FOR SWEATER DRESSES!

1. They must be worn with a belt that is at least two inches wide.
2. They must be worn with knee high boots that match the belt.

Follow the rules and you can't go wrong :)

Price: $35.40 (down from $59.00)

Made by: XOXO

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