Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Let Brown Get You Down

I went into my jewelry box and counted seven black bracelets yesterday. SEVEN! Then I counted my brown bracelets. ONE. I don't even wear the brown one anymore.

Why does this happen? Because a lot of brown bracelets are just ugly. But black bracelets are often all too cute! So I keep buying them, despite the fact that my wardrobe is brown based.

When I see a brown bracelet I like, I go for it! This copper/amber bracelet can be worn with almost anything. It's not super dressy or particularly casual, so there are no fashion engagement limitations on where it can be worn.

The designer, Keri Chrystian, has a lot of bracelets in different colors on her website in this style, if for some reason you already own a delightful brown bracelet. Visit her store here.

Made By: Keri Chrystian
Price: $15.00

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