Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hat Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I'm all about stylish winter hats and caps, but they are for days when it is, say, twenty degrees and higher. But what if it goes below twenty? What if you live in Minnesota and it's been below twenty every day? You need proper head protection! Something that covers your ears! You can't possibly be stylish with frozen ears!

This hat is for the cold days. The "brrrrr whoooo it is WAY TOO COLD OUT" days. Nice and bright red color (or white if red would clash with your coat). Ear flaps! Cute pom poms! This hat is perfect for ice skating, shoveling snow and sledding. Don't you look sexy in your pom pom hat as you make a path from your doorway to the car one tough shovel heap at a time!

Rock on, sexy (yet warm!) shoveling lady!

Made By: Forever21

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