Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Surprises!

Target, you just keep on surprising me.  

I became interested in their jewelry section when I saw the commercial where the boyfriend gives his new girlfriend a very nice, expensive looking necklace, and she says "Oh, I didn't know we were there yet."  He then tells her he didn't spend that much (because it came from target.)

Well!  I came looking for the necklace (which is awesome, btw), but also found these dazzling drop earrings!

I hesitate to wear fake gold earrings because they often look tacky.  But the textured balls and the thin chain work against that "I'M FAKE GOLD" look some jewelry seems to have.

These earrings look WAY more expensive than their $14.99 price tag.  Great look for any ocassion.

Price: $14.99

Made By: Target

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