Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Right Triangle

I love triangles!  

I like being different, and that's why I like to wear triangle earrings.  You're not gonna see triangle shaped earrings everywhere.  If you find them and wear them, everyone will comment on it (and those who don't comment will stare with jealous rage!)

These earrings are a real find because of the stained glass.  The earrings are a fashion star in themselves.  The grey hue is really perfect for anything black, white, or gray, and I would wear it with a dark black necklace to provide a sharp jewelry contrast that brings out the small black lines in the glass.

The jewelry maker, Ling Glass, has some great other stuff if you're into this style of jewelry.   See her Etsy page here.

Made By: LingGlass

Price: $15.50 (plus $3.80 for shipping)

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