Monday, December 21, 2009

Lace That Brigns A Smile To Your Face

On first look, this dress may not look like a star. However, upon further
examination, you really begin to see why this dress is a winner.

First, the front design. It makes an ordinary strapless dress into a unique item.

Second, the color. That stunning blue color! And the use of multiple blues!

Third, the lace. I know, I know, you might not be into lace. Or you might be! If you're into lace, you know you love this dress.

What I think is missing from the dress is a crinoline slip to make it poof out! Once you add the slip, NOW we're talking party dress! If you have to go to a lot of weddings, this dress is a particularly good option. I am not a giant fan of wearing black to a wedding, so I am constantly searching out non-black formal dresses that are not through-the-roof expensive.

Made By: Charlotte Russe

Price: $32.99

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