Monday, December 7, 2009

Reptilian Beauty

First off, I apologize for the super small picture, but that's all I could get. Click the link below for a full photo.

I am constantly checking out women's shoes. At work, on the subway, in line at chipotle. When I see something I like, I ask the person where they bought their shoes. And you should, too! You're not only flattering the shoe-wearer, but you'll hopefully have new found shoe knowledge to go buy a pair for yourself!

I saw this pair of shoes on a woman sitting next to me on Amtrak. They were impossible to miss! Totally glam. It's not a shoe I would necessarily gravitate to immediately, but sometimes, just like the way you have to try a dress on to really know if you'd like it, you have to see shoes on a person's foot to assess their true potential. I asked where she got them, and she said DSW. DSW!!!!! My favorite shoe deal place!

Sure enough, they are $59.95, down from $99.00

The color is very versatile. You can wear this shiny reptilian silver with everything except brown. Thank you, Amtrak, for having stylish passengers.

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