Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turquoise In 2010.

I read somewhere that turquoise is going to be THE color of 2010. Well here it is ladies! Turquoise on parade!

I love the diagonal ruffles. How often do you see diagonal ruffles on a dress? It gives the same effect as a one shoulder dress, but here you have both shoulders for those ladies who can't wear the one-shoulder style.

Are you worried about the brightness? DON'T BE! It's a muted turquoise. Take your pinky toe and dip it into the color pool!

This is also a dress that can go preppy to hipster in 60 seconds. For preppy, pair it with an ivory cardigan, a headband and flats. For hipster, pair it with brown cowboy boots, a bright colored tight, and a scarf.

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Price: 129.95 (originally $248.00)

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