Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Silky Florals

The other day I told someone that occasionally I shop on They told me that it was for fifteen year old girls. I beg to differ! No store is exclusively for any particular age. Every store has a wide variety of items for women of all ages. I'm not saying a sixty year old woman should buy a skirt in forever21, but I don't think people should make blanket judgments about stores.

Now that I have had my morning rant, let me present this wonderful dress!

It's a floral I like! (SHOCKER!) The shape of the dress is very flattering. It's good for almost any body type, because if you wanted it to just hang, you can wear it without a belt. And if you wanted more waist division, you could put a different, bigger belt on with it.

The emerald green color of course caught my eye.

Maybe you'll get bored with it after a couple of months, but it's so cheap, do you even care if that happens?

Made By:

Price: $14.99 (originally $46.50)

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