Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter White Makes Every Shoe Bright

I could not think of more perfect shoes to pair with a black cocktail dress.  I love the high heel and the ankle strap.  The bow on the shoe is bright and festive.  And I love the mixing of that satin winter white and black on almost anything, especially a shoe!  Oh, and they're patent leather, and we all know how I love anything that is patent leather.

If you are nervous about wearing something that is not completely black with a black cocktail dress, then this is a good shoe to test the waters.  It's not so out there that you will feel uncomfortable in your first outing in the shoes.  And hopefully, it will break down the wall for other colors! (like red!)

Price: $34.00 (originally $44.00)

Found on: Newport-News.com

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